Take You There

Spec Work

Nowadays, young musicians feel too much pressure to shell out thousands of dollars for music gear in order to pursue their dreams. Get an AKAI MPK midi keyboard, and it will take you all the way to the top—whatever "the top" may be to you.

To show young musicians how AKAI can truly take them there, we'll collaborate with the digital communities that are already meaningful to them.

Lofi Girl Takeover

Our first collaboration will be with the patron saint of bedroom music, Lofi Girl.
(You may have relaxed/studied to her beats before.)

Taking over the stream for a week, the animation will show the Lofi Girl's
progression from making beats in her bedroom to a big stage performance.


We'll pair up with popular streamer musicians on Twitch to create AKAI Beat Battles, where chat members can make their own beats for musicians to freestyle and sing over in real time. Winners will have the chance to turn their track into a full song with the streaming musician.

Oculus VR

You'll be able to connect your music to AKAIVISION, a VR experience that lets you play your songs on stage—a test ride for your big break.
DIRECTOR: Andrew Rhee
Sam Sargeant
Isabelle Sutton
Micah Brown
Joseph Sandholtz
Luke Roberts
Dillon Hansen