Land O’ Lakes
From Meal To Masterpiece

Spec Work

Land O’Lakes butter is a cut above its pale, store-brand copycats, turning bland meals into works of art. But how do you convey superior taste when nearly all butter brands look the same? Simply put: you make a masterpiece.

Pop-Up Museum

To bring these masterpieces to more pedestals than just dinner plates, we'll set up pop-up museums featuring the butter sculptures in cities famous for their butter-based dishes.


We'll also start a TikTok competition #MakeAMasterpiece,
where you make your own butter sculptures for bragging rights...

...and Land O'Lakes will choose one lucky sculptor to present their artwork to Chef Alex Guarnaschelli,
Food Network star and owner of the famous Butter restaurant in NYC.

The winner will also receive free cooking classes from Alex,
learning recipes where butter is (of course!) the prime ingredient.

ART DIRECTOR: Lacey Tobler
PHOTOGRAPHER: Maggie Broadbent
Dillon Hansen