Hear me sing, play guitar, synthesizers, drums, bass, and be overzealous with a delay pedal. Mixed and mastered by Kaden Hendron.

FFO: Jerry Paper, Infinite Bisous, wearing a swimsuit while mowing the lawn

I helped write and record the sun-soaked 70s-inspired theme (1:46, 13:27) to this short film with Kaden Hendron, Suzanne May, Denney Fuller, and Ty Davis.
Full song here.

I also wrote the song that plays in the psychedelic horse scene (5:40).
Full song here.

FFO: The Carpenters, Bill Faye, The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test

Apart from mixing and editing the interviews, I wrote and recorded the theme to my college ad program’s podcast.

FFO: advertising, listening, smiling and nodding at someone while they talk to you but not taking your earbuds out
If you’ve been looking for a Soundcloud account that posts lofi, sub-2 minute songs twice a year, then boy do I have a surprise for you.

FFO: me
I also (accidentally) helped create official merch for one of my favorite bands while hiding from a storm at a festival. Sometimes, lightning and inspiration strike at the same time. They’ve even worn it a few times.
Concepted and designed by the incredible Julia Fletcher